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Lip Tinting, Lip Liner, Lip Blushing

Las Vegas Permanent Makeup 


Permanent makeup for the lips now comes in so many options. A lip procedure can range from a subtle tint of color to a bold full lip almost opaque look. There are a wide range of colors and intensities to choose from. There are almost endless possibilities. 

Lip liner is a simple line around the lip border. It can be very thin or a thicker line. 

A blended lip liner has a defined line around the lip line and is blended into the natural lip color. Sometimes this is called an ombre style permanent makeup lip tint.

A lip blush is a dilute tint applied to the full lip for just a splash of color.

If a more intense color or if more pigment density is desired, a full lip tint with highly concentrated pigment is applied for a full lip tint with less transparency. 

We use Lust and Envy by Tina Davis for excellent pigment retention and beautiful color choices.

The best permanent makeup pigments for lasting results.

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