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Digital 3d Eyebrows, Combo Eyebrows, Ombre Eyebrows and Traditional Tattoo Eyebrows

Las Vegas Permanent Makeup 


The most popular permanent makeup procedure in Las Vegas is 3d Digital permanent eyebrows. Every client has their own unique style and ideal of the perfect eyebrow. Each client is provided an individual approach to eyebrow design based off of their style, face shape and personal beauty goals. 

With the digital application, there is no down time and better pigment retention than microblading. Healing time is much faster than microblading and the client doesn't have to hide the unsightly scabbing that microblading causes. 

Ombre style eyebrows are simply an eyebrow that goes from light and powdery at the head (closest to the nose) to gradually darker at the tail of the eyebrow. 

For ultra conservative looks, a soft powder brow or fine hair simulation eyebrow is suggested. 

The combonitation eyebrow is by far the most selected style. Its a mixture of powder eyebrows, ombre and a sprinkle of hair simulation mixed in. This option has an excellent long lasting lifespan.


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