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Eyeliner, Eyelash Enhancement & Eyeshadow

Las Vegas Permanent Makeup

Permanent Eyelash Makeup

Permanent eyeliner is available in so many shapes and styles. They can be black, brown, blue, green or any color you dream of. The design is predrawn for client approval. 

Eyeliners be thick and dramatic with wings or thin and subtle, laying just inside the lash line. 

An ultra thin eyeliner called permanent eyelash enhancement is just dots of color in between the eyelashes. This gives the appearance of thicker darker eyelashes. It doesnt look like an obvious eyeliner. 

Some clients want to accent their eyeliner with a smokey eyeshadow that has been refered to as stardusting or shading. 

A highlighter on top of the eyeliner in lighter powdery colors is also another form of eyeshadow permanent makeup that is available. 


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