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Permanent Makeup Certification In Las Vegas

permanent makeup certification

Training and Certification School In The Art Of Permanent Makeup


Pick your course and start right away! Online and in person permanent makeup certification courses available.  We now offer bloodborne pathogen certification for SNHD body art card requirements.

Don't be hesitant about looking into our 100% online training. It isn't what you think!  We have created the most innovative and blended learning and online permanent makeup training school in the industry. It isn't just a bunch of demonstration videos with some narration. We created a virtual classroom with assignments that must be uploaded, peer sharing of art exercises in a Student Art Share room, quizzes and instructor guidance. Mentorship is part of an apprenticeship experience. Student work is reviewed by the instructors to provide guidance and direction.

We have moved the virtual classroom to a custom built site that is not hosted by any E learning platform. It is our own coded and designed program we had created for our specific needs. No plug and play platform could accomplish the level of interaction and classroom environment we wanted to provide our students. We can say without any hesitation, there is nothing like it.

This isn't a workshop that hands out certificates for paying and showing up. This is an actual class with assessments, grades, assignments and it will challenge you. Even the online course is interactive with feedback and guidance from your instructors.


Permanent Makeup Courses From $699+

  • SNHD Licensing Class For Nevada And Las Vegas Students

  • Kit included for SNHD Licensing classes

  • Lips, Eyeliner, Eyebrows

  • Machine and microblading courses

  • Practice materials

  • Text & workbook

  • Apprenticeship

  • Live model practice

  • Diploma

6 month programs. 

We have 100% online and blended courses and in person clinic classes! You decide what fits your lifestyle and what works best for you! 

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