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Microblading Vs Digital Eyebrow Technique

Microblading causes too much trauma to the skin. Microblading requires frequent touch ups due to inconsistent healed results and poor pigment saturation. Digital looks better, lasts longer and is safe. The digital process does require more skill and an experienced technician. 

Las Vegas permanent makeup clients want to know what exactly is the difference between microblading a Digital 3d permanent makeup. This video will demonstrate the obvious differences so check it out!

Microblading is a new name for a very old, possible thousands of years old method of tattoo. Until recently, microblading was considered "skin cutting" or "skin scarification". Microblading is a non machine method of permanent makeup that uses a blade in an exacto knife type holder. The skin is cut multiple times and pigment is smashed into the cuts. The cutting causes bleeding and results in scabbing in most cases. The healed results are not consistent. with more frequent touch ups required than other forms of permanent makeup  

The Digital process we prefer, utilizes a digitally powered machine that provides consistent power, efficient pigment implantation and the least amount of trauma to the skin. It incorporates our custom manufactured cartridge that has a tiny needle equivalent to an acupuncture needle to precisely implant pigment. The epidermis stays intact with no skin cutting.. We get better pigment retention, no down time and no unsightly scabbing. 

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