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Permanent Makeup Pigment & Allergy Patch Testing


We use only hypoallergenic USA manufactured pigments. We only use permanent makeup pigments manufactured in FDA compliant facilities. Our pigments are iron oxide based or inorganic pigments which are stable, have a high safety rating an good long term pigment retention rates..


Not once in 23 years has a single client of Theresa G. reported or claimed an allergic reaction from the permanent makeup pigments used. 

Some clients may be very sensitive to products or have a great deal of skin allergies so they may be concerned about a possible reaction from the permanent makeup pigments. As a service to these clients, we offer a patch test to test for reactions. 

A small amount of pigment is implanted behind the ear in a discrete spot. We typically like to wait 7 days yo see if there was any reaction. As of today, there has never been one! 


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