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Permanent Makeup Training

permanent makeup certification

A 6 month apprenticeship and academic permanent makeup and microblading program is offered to introduce the fundamentals of permanent cosmetics and microblading for licensing by Southern Nevada Health District. We have several programs for SNHD licensing. We have a blended learning program that is online and includes 5 weeks hands on training at our school. We also have a 100% online training course in a virtual classroom with virtual apprenticeship. Both options will get you your SNHD body art card. 

We also offer a national certification for students not located in Nevada.


We do not offer or sell individual classes for microblading, lips or eyeliner only. Our academy includes a full permanent makeup training program that includes all procedures. 

Full training in permanent makeup machine and microblading.

Learn shading, ombre, lining, hair simulation and microblade hair stroking.

Eyeliner, lips, eyebrows and microblade technique hair technique training is all part of every certification program. Apprenticeship and hands on training programs as well as distance virtual learning options.


Programs from $900!

Additional apprentice programs and advanced workshops are offered as well. . 

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