Learn The Art Of Permanent Makeup & Microblading In Las Vegas Nevada

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Permanent makeup students

Offering beginner and advanced training for permanent makeup in Las Vegas Nevada. We offer a full academic program for lips, eyeliner, eyebrows and microblading that is combined with the apprenticeship required by SNHD for licensing. We are an actual Academy and not a rented room in the back of a salon. We built the Academy to provide a real classroom environment that is focused on education. Students aren't paying to shadow an individual technician around from time to time or just getting random pointers from an individual. This is a structured and authentic school of permanent makeup. 

  • an actual curriculum

  • text book, workbook and testing

  • scheduled classroom time and lecture

  • individual stations and lockers for each student

  • classroom/group instruction & individual instruction

  • Online self paced and in person hands on (blended learning)

We are aware of the traveling workshops and fast track 1-5 day classes that routinely set up in hotels. These are not approved by Sothern Nevada Health District and they are not licensed! We have students who took these quick classes, paid thousands of dollars and were denied a license from SNHD because the certification was not approved by SNHD. A six month permanent makeup program and apprenticeship  in an inspected facility and supervised by a SNHD licensed operator is the only way to receive an operator license in Las Vegas Nevada.


For information on the programs available at Nevada Permanent Makeup Academy, please click on the request information button below. 

We will send you tuition and program details, a student flyer and  curriculum information. We have several financing options.