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Permanent Or Semi-Permanent? Is This Different Than A Tattoo? 

Permanent Makeup Procedure

One of the biggest myths on permanent makeup today is that microblading and some permanent makeup is not a tattoo. This misinformation has been addressed by the SPCP (Society Of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) and SNHD (Southern Nevada Health District). This is completly false.


All permanent makeup is a tattoo! This includes microblading. Pigment is places in the dermis via a microblade, tattoo machine, permanent makeup machine or digital powered permanent makeup delivery device. Regardless of the delivery device or method, when pigment is placed into the skin and can not be washed off, it is a tattoo. 

The second most popular myth in permanent makeup is that microblading and some permanent makeup is semi-permanent. All permanent makeup softens and lightens in time. It seldom disappears 100% so it is not accurate to call it semi-permanent. Most permanent makeup procedures require touch ups or color refreshers every 1-4 years. This does not qualify as semi-permanent. It can not be simply washed off and it does not just completely dissapear100% one day. If it does, this is a result of poor application or pigment failure. This is not the norm. 


Microblading requires more frequent touch ups than any other permanent makeup technique simply because very little pigment gets in the skin's dermis. Additionally, microblading is a non-machine method so consistant pigment depth implantation is not possible. Each incision (30-100 per eyebrow) that creats a little cut (hair stroke) is done with a blade in an Exacto knofe  like handle. There is no guide on the blades to ensure even cuts.  

We favor a digital machine method with nano needle technology over microblading because more pigment gets into the skin and it causes less trauma than microblading. Because of this, there is no down time, scabbing and much better pigment retention. There is much more controle and consistancy in pigment placement than microblading. 


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