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BB Glow Facial Treatment

Las Vegas Permanent Makeup


Stayve BB Glow facial treatment is a Korean specialty facial that has gained a lot of interest around the world. The BB Glow craze has been taking Las Vegas by storm. 

BB Glow leaves the skin noticible improved with a single application. It works like a light tinted BB Cream. 

The treatment can take up to two hours as there are quite a few steps. Cleansing, exfoliating and prepping the skin is followed by infusion of serums that are selected for the clients specific needs. The ampoule shade best suited for the client is applied and then the client is masked under a BB Glow LED light for 20 minutes. 

BB Glow leaves the skin hydrated and nourished with a more even tone. SOme call it semi-permanent foundation but it does not produce full coverage.  A light coverage that lasts up to 4 months is typical with 2 to 3 treatments. 


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