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Are you in need of permanent makeup correction or removal? 

Permanent Makeup Correction In Las Vegas

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Theresa is not new to permanent makeup correction and removal treatments. Your technician not only is a permanent makeup artist but also is a licensed aesthetician of many years. Her extensive knowledge of the skin and its functions brings a level of expertise to into every treatment. Each permanent makeup correction and removal treatment is part of a total recovery plan to get you to your personal beauty goal.

Not being happy with another technicians work can be emotional and a client may not know where to turn when their technician is not able to correct the issues. This situation is all too common in Las Vegas with the abundance of two to 5 day trained technicians. About 50% of Theresa G's work is correction and/or permanent makeup removal, so you are in good hands. 

Theresa G. is highly experienced in correction and removal for may years. She understands that no two clients are the same. There are differtent options and methods of removal and correction of botched permanent makeup. There is not a single magic treatment to correct or lift poorly applied permanent makeup that works on everyone.  



Theresa is experienced and has many years in practice of permanent makeup removal and correction. Here is a press release from 2012 about  Saline and Salt removal that she ad successfully been utilizing for some time. Theresa did not just "Learn how" or recently "get certified" in correction, removal or saline and salt treatments. She helped put the treatment on the map. This press release was 8 years ago! 2012 PRWEB Press Release Permanent Makeup Correction 

If you are already fully healed from your permanent makeup procedure and you desire modification or removal, please schedule a free consultation. Most correction treatments require a face to face appointment with Theresa G. so she can create you a correction plan. It is important that the client be informed of all treatment options. At the consultation, you will get a quote for treatments and an estimate of appointments it will take to get you to your goals. 

If you are not fully healed and you want removal or fading, there is no consultation required. During the first 48 hours after a fresh application of permanent makeup, a simple lifting treatment can remove 80% to 100% of the unwanted pigment in a single session. Time is not on your side. Schedule your treatment immediately. Your unhealed permanent makeup is not a tattoo yet so a rejection treatment can lift unwanted pigment very easily. 



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