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Permanent Makeup Healing & After Care In Las Vegas


Proper after care during that first few days after your procedure is very important for good pigment retention. We will provide you a detailed, printed instruction sheet for your eyeliner, lip, eyebrow or BB Glow treatment. We also will provide you our own brand of natural healing balm. 

For most procedures, after care is very easy. You can resume most normal daily activities. Your permanent makeup typically is not a debilitating treatment. No need to take time off work or hide your face!

Our FIX2 Healing Balm is best possible healing product for permanent makeup. We formulated it to be GMO free, vegan, cruelty free and natural Our healing balm took years to produce and FIX2 is the reformulated and improved version of the original FIX. .FIX2 is manufactured in an FDA compliant factory with lot numbers and expiration dates. More about our after care products.


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